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stationery, marketing, etc.


beeswax candles, beeswax melts


Starting my design career, I imagined myself working for a small print shop or design agency. After some experience in a few different environments, I could see clearly where I belonged. From interning with a wedding stationery business, to leading the wedding department at a small print shop, I found a true passion in the wedding industry.

Nothing beats bustling through the numerous paper types and textures, creating various deigns, and being able to assemble and deliver the final look that my clients have dreamt for so long of. With so many aspects to the wedding industry, I'm overjoyed that I am given the opportunity to help create a small piece for my clients on their special day.

In my free time, I'm also a candle maker for my family's business. Then, occasionally I'm able to get behind a camera to capture some sweet moments of children and families.

I'm excited to be able to expand what I can offer in the years to come!

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Lauryn Davis Design & Photography

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