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families, children, etc.


stationery, marketing, etc.


beeswax candles, beeswax melts


Starting my design career, I could only see myself working for a small print shop or design agency. After dipping my toes in the design field, I was able to see the bits and pieces of what makes me enjoy what I do. From interning with a wedding stationery business, to leading the wedding department at a small print shop, I found a true passion in the wedding stationery realm.

Nothing brings me more joy meeting one-on-one with brides to discuss their vision, bustling through the numerous paper types and textures, creating various deigns, and being able to assemble and deliver the final look. Making sure my clients walk away with exactly or more than they expected is my ultimate goal.

Along with wedding stationery, I have a passion for candle making and photography. My photography mainly consists of children and families. Being able to capture those sweet candid moments shared between loved ones brings me so much joy.

Where do your passions lie? What's holding you back?


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Lauryn Davis Design & Photography

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